Embroidered Upstate MINIs logo patches

Standard 3.5 inch size, iron-on backing (and can also be sewed to attach)
$7 each – sold at our Socials and selected Motoring Events. See Jeff Goodman to purchase.


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bfr-5-miniacs   bfr-5-minis

Print from Bulldog Fun Run 5


Top quality lustre finish photos. Choose version with MINIacs or version with MINIs only.

8×10 print, $5 each

11×14 print, $9 each

16×20 print, $15 each

Email Jeff Goodman Hawkbit55@gmail.com to order and get payment and delivery information.

Please include print selection, sizes and quantity in your email.



Grill Badges

Badges are available via GoBadges at: