Get your new website login NOW!

Our website migration to a new host is complete, and is again at

The look is the same, but there are a few changes:

1. The little calendar on the left side has been replaced by an Upcoming Events list.

2. Calendar is now called “EVENTS” in the menu tab

3. Login is now “LOGIN / LOGOUT” with a few more options
4. Joining the club and creating a web login are now buttons on the JOIN page.
In the process of the change we replaced the app that manages Logins and User
Accounts with one that will eventually allow us to eliminate the dual accounts.
This means that all members will need to spend a couple of minutes to
“Create Web Login” again
. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Here are the easy instructions on how to do that:
1. Once on the website, click the “JOIN” tab
2. At the bottom of the “JOIN” page click the button “”Create Web Login”
3. Fill in the form that pops up and submit.
4. You will get a message that you are registered and can now Log In

5. Go to the LOGIN / LOGOUT tab and log in as you did before

NOTE: The device (mobile phone and tablet) issues have been mostly resolved.
Note that instead of a menu bar, you will see a set of yellow lines that will drop
down to reveal menu options when selected.


The above change has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with your Club Membership,
which you created on This is only for creating a WEBSITE LOGIN
for access and interaction on our website.