Bulldog Fun Run 6 a huge success!

The Sixth Annual Bulldog Fun Run took place on Sunday, November 5, on a beautiful Autumn day.

Thirty-three teams gathered at Greenville County Animal Care around noon and lined up for the group photo. Several took tours of the facility, all checked in and made a donation as their entry fee to the event. The Bulldog Fun Run isn’t like any other event… Participants are given an envelope at the conclusion of the driver’s meeting which contains the locations of  five stops they are to make over the course of the next three hours. At each of the stops, they participate in an activity that is a bit “British” in nature and definitely competitive. Every year, all the stops are completely different.

This year, participants rolled wheels of “cheese” down a hill in an imitation of Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll, an activity that has taken place for many years in Gloucester. At another stop, they ‘strapped on’ a miniature MINI, donned a jousting helmet with the help of their Squire (navigator) and wielded a lance down a line of stanchions holding rings they were required to spear on the lance… all in 50 seconds or less. At a third stop, they mounted colorful “ponies” and rolled a huge die to advance along a track in competition against another team in an imitation of Racing at Royal Ascot. Another stop found them gauging the distance to place the gates of “Buckingham Palace” apart (60 feet away) in order to just squeeze their MINI between the opening. Perhaps the most creative stop had the participants using leaf blowers to propel the sail-powered boat across the end of a swimming pool from “England to France” to rescue the Allies trapped at Dunkirk. Finally, the participants arrived at the final activity, which was assembling a MINI (jigsaw puzzle style) against the clock in Oxford.

The winners this year were Joshua Westendorf and Carlie Field, who had the lowest score (think golf) among all the entrants. Josh and Carlie had a extremely memorable day, as Josh had proposed to Carlie at their final stop just an hour or so before they won the big trophy. In addition to the traveling trophy – which the Westendorfs get to keep for one year – they also received a large stuffed bulldog, a bottle of bulldog wine and a free pet adoption; all to keep. And, of course, Carlie keeps the engagement ring.

The next five best scores also received prizes:
2 – 77.78 – Sonia & Dave Roberts
3 – 85.33 – Carolin Aschenbrenner & Frank Saeglitz
4 – 91.00 – Carol Cook & Don Maines
5 – 91.12 – Lee & Jo Russell
6 – 93.13 – William Hightower & Michelle Collins

The biggest winner, of course, was Greenville County Animal Care.

Donations were up nearly 40% over last year… and incredible amount!
Monetary donations topped $3700 and the value of donated goods added another $750+.
Our total Club donation amounted to $4471.40
Special thanks go to the volunteers who made it all happen:
Dunkirk – Scott & Cindy Collins
Cooper Hill Cheese Roll – Jennifer & Will Hendrix
Racing at Royal Ascot – Danielle & Chris Phillips
Buckingham Palace Gates – Kris Kirby & Jackie Burts
Building a MINI at Oxford – John Greist and Rosalyn Western
MINI Jousting – Sherry & Jeff Goodman