Life’s a journey, Let’s Motor!

Rule #1 * by “Otto” and owner Michael Hennes.

Upstate MINIs was founded in 2008 by a group of MINI owners who meet monthly for social time and motoring runs. The Club now numbers more than 200 active members and consists of current and former owners of MINI Cooper automobiles. Membership is free.

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* MINI Rules of the Road
Rule #1. Always park next to another MINI.
Rule #2. Wave hello to fellow MINI drivers.
Rule #3. Give your MINI a name.
Rule #4. No two MINI should be alike (it’s an extension of your personality).
Rule #5. Treat SUV drivers with compassion.
Rule #6. Put away the middle finger.
Rule #7. Embrace the MINI community.
Rule #8. Find a copilot who’s ready for adventure.
Rule #9. Admire your MINI (an over-the-shoulder glance as you walk away, is perfectly normal).
Rule #37. Always be ready to rally.
MINI Rules of the Road