About Upstate MINIs

Upstate MINIs is a club that was founded in 2008 by a group of MINI owners who meet monthly for social time and motoring runs. The Club now numbers more than 100 active members and continues to grow. This non-profit Club consists of current and former owners of MINI Cooper automobiles. Membership is free and while most members reside in the Upstate SC area, there are also members who reside in other regions of South Carolina, as well as North Carolina and Georgia.

We have monthly Socials – gatherings at restaurants around the Upstate for food and fellowship. These take place on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of each month. The schedule and locations can be found in the weekly event emails sent to members. Members organize and participate in motoring runs around the area. Most of these involve curvy roads, called “twisties” that MINI Coopers seem made to travel on. Everyone travels at their own pace, and safety is the primary concern in all these runs. Some of these runs benefit local charities; most notably the Bulldog Fun Run, which is held annually in November and benefits Greenville County Animal Care. Upstate MINIs members attend organized events by other clubs (e.g. MINIPalooza and MINIs on the Dragon in North Carolina) and also on the national level with the MINI USA-sponsored MINI Takes the States, which takes place every other summer.

The Club also has meetings as needed to set policies and make decisions. There is a governing board of volunteers, and all members are allowed and encouraged to vote on issues that affect the club.

The Club maintains a website (upstateminis.com) and a Facebook page (Upstate MINIs; with 500+ members) to keep members informed of upcoming events, and provide forums for discussing anything from current events to automotive issues. With a growing membership, there is loyal buying power. Annual members are issued a Clubcard that identifies them to supporting vendors. The vendors get dedicated business that they might miss, and are also listed with their logo on the Upstate MINIs website. If you’re a MINI owner, we welcome you to our club! If you’re a vendor or business who provides a discount or merchandise for giveaways, we thank you for your support!

Contact us at upstateminis@gmail.com

You can download a copy of this info at link below:   Upstate MINIs Info sheet

Info on joining club:   How to Join Upstate MINIs

Upstate MINIs Bylaws: Upstate MINIs Bylaws

If  you have incurred authorized expenses on behalf of the club, you may download a check request from the link below.  Once completed, it should be submitted to the club treasurer for processing.

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