Upstate MINIs COVID-19 Policy

While most of America wants to believe COVID-19 is over and behind us, the unfortunate truth is that it is not.

The good news is that for most people, the disease, when contracted, is a treatable illness that causes flu-like symptoms for a few days. Free home test kits have been available to help determine if you have COVID-19 or not. The antiviral medication Paxlovid if administered promptly, keeps the symptoms mild and prevents hospitalization.

The bad news is that non-vaccinated individuals are still at risk of serious illness and even death from this same disease. People who have suffered COVID-19 are generally immune for 2-3 months, but after that have no protection against the virus, unless they are fully vaccinated. It’s not up to us to judge anyone for being vaccinated or not – those reasons are theirs.

Generally speaking, one is not contagious unless they are showing symptoms of the disease, but there are exceptions to that. All these are facts, based on scientific research, not politics and opinion. 

The Directors of Upstate MINIs have discussed this and set COVID-19 Club Policy, as is our right and responsibility to do. We have a socially active Club.

Because of the above reasons and common sense, we would urge anyone with illness symptoms to avoid coming to our Social events. 

As a further precaution, we also encourage all members to carry face masks with them in their MINIs and utilize them in places where they are required or recommended by local ordinance or business preferences.

This policy is effective immediately and any changes will be made via this posting on the Upstate MINIs website. Please note the date in the top left for currency. Thanks for your understanding. 

Please direct any questions or concerns to any of the Directors below.

Stefan Bauch
Sarita Laflamme