Upstate MINIs COVID-19 Policy

April 25, 2022

While mask mandates are going away, even on public transport, the Omicron strain of COVID-19 and its variants are still causing numbers to rise in the United States. While not deadly or posing a serious health risk involving hospitalization to vaccinated individuals, individuals can still contract this virus and become ill, and pass it to others. Non-vaccinated people are highly susceptible to this variant, and can become seriously ill or die from these highly contagious variants.

The Directors of Upstate MINIs have discussed this and set COVID-19 Club Policy, as is our right and responsibility to do. This is what we’ve decided for now, and it is based on science and research, not politics and opinion. It is subject to change as the virus may, but we have a socially active club, and we wish that activity to continue in a safe manner for all who attend our socials and events. 

IIt is apparent from non-biased scientific research organizations and reported by non-biased news organizations that fully vaccinated individuals do not readily contract the virus, and those who do experience only mild to moderate symptoms not requiring hospital visits or stays. People who have suffered COVID-19 are generally immune for 2-3 months, but after that have no protection against the virus, unless they are fully vaccinated. 

The term “fully vaccinated” here refers to your current status with vaccinations, as many as available, depending on your age and health status.

The people who are at risk are those who are either medically unable to take the vaccine or choose not to for their own reasons. It’s not up to us to judge the reasons, but for safety concerns, we strongly urge any members who are NOT fully vaccinated wanting to attend our socials and events to wear N95 or KN95 face masks for their own protection. This is not an “enforceable” rule for us, as anyone could claim they had the vaccinations without having done so; but we are asking you to act on the honor system here. This is obviously a request for the protection of those unvaccinated members than anyone else, as they are the ones most at risk.  

As a further precaution, we encourage our members to carry face masks with them and utilize them in places where they are required or recommended by local ordinance or business preferences. We also encourage any Club Members who live with immune-challenged individuals or those more susceptible to COVID-19 to wear sufficient face masks to help prevent them from possibly becoming a carrier of the virus. 

This policy is effective immediately and any changes will be made via this posting on the Upstate MINIs website. Please note the date in the top left for currency. Thanks for your understanding. 

Please direct any questions or concerns to any of the Directors below.

Jeff Goodman
Will Hendrix
Tristan Overmann